August 13, 2014

Vacation Guide: Boston

By Jacklin Rhoads

Just returned from my summer getaway to Bean Town and wanted to share some of my top picks if you are planning a little trip of your own:

Getting There: If you haven’t downloaded GPS app, Waze, you are missing out. Waze not only helps you around traffic but also alerts you of police on your route (no tickets!!), lane closures, and vehicles on the shoulder. It’s a must for this 6 hour drive.

Head In A Bed: Kimpton’s Nine Zero Hotel is located in the heart of Boston Common and walking distance to all the hotspots in Boston.

Brunching: Abe & Louie’s Steakhouse seems to be the destination for a yummy brunch and great people watching. Bloody Marys and the lobster & shrimp omelette are staples.

Shopping: Newbury Street!! Such great finds at the Second Time Around consignment shop such as my new Diane von Furstenberg classic wrap dress for (get this!) $10. Also liked Crush Boutique.

Nightlife: There are really two great options – harborside, where you can find great bars with rooftops like Atlantic Beer Garden or Faneuil Hall side, where you can find great Irish pubs and live music.  Most bars have a $5 cover but if you meet a cutie in line, good chance he’ll pay yours. Shout out to the Northeastern gentlemen.

Major Don’t: Don’t imitate the Boston accent for actual Bostonians! “Pahk the cah in havahd yahd” will not generate the laughs you think it will. Whoops!

Imposter: People we met in Boston seemed to think that Ben Franklin is their boy! I’m sorry, do you have impersonators walking the streets and a BF figurine on your desk? That’s what I thought. 


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