January 27, 2018

The Ins and Outs of Power Lunching

By Sofia Pignitor

For young professionals and C-level executives alike, the power lunch is a staple of getting things done. The secret behind any successful lunch is having the perfect combination of location, delicious food and proper etiquette. Allow us to open the door to a few tricks of the trade when it comes down to the almighty power lunch.

Location Location Location:
Where you choose to meet sets the tone for the lunch before it begins. Not that a trained professional like yourself would ever make a power move at the corner McDonalds, but you don’t want to sit down to a nine course meal either. Keeping in mind how quickly the food is served, how quiet the restaurant is and how formal the atmosphere is should be taken into account.

Cashman Recommendation: Parc. Located in the historic and beautiful Rittenhouse Square- this Starr offering can help make certain that all parties will be happy, comfortable and leave with a full stomach!  
Don’t take our word for it: “You can’t beat the location and on a nice day sitting outside is a must. The service here is impeccable from the top down everyone is professional and friendly, you will not be disappointed!” Alex, Yelp Review.


Be Considerate:
As you may’ve noticed, 2018 is the year of the creative, (albeit very specific) diet. When choosing a location to dine, you want to pick a restaurant with a wide range of dietary options. Steer clear of Barbeque, Brazilian steakhouses or anywhere that doesn’t offer utensils. Also, be mindful of how close to their office and yours the location is. 

Cashman Recommendation: Liberte’ at The Sofitel. This restaurant, located on 17th and Sansom Street, has a formal but relaxed atmosphere. Not to mention, the food offerings range from fresh seasonal salads to hearty meat offerings.   
Don’t take our word for it: “The chairs are comfy, wine list wonderful, great location, & superb service. This place really made me feel special!” Flavia, Yelp Review.


Try Something New!
Are you dining with clients or colleagues from out of town? Take them somewhere they’ll remember. Even if your lunch guests aren’t from out of town, Philadelphia is full of amazing and diverse culinary offerings.

Cashman Recommendation: Morimoto. From their award winning décor to their one-of–a-kind dishes prepared by chef Moritmoto himself, this restaurant is a feast for the senses.
Don’t take our word for it: “My dishes looked as wonderful as they tasted. I was surprised and blown away by one course after another. I almost felt like I was Alice in the culinary wonderland. It was certainly an experience to remember for a long long time!” Angela, Yelp Review.


Enjoy Yourself, Responsibly
While business lunching is about enjoying a meal and getting things done, there’s a delicate line between work and play. No matter how cool it is when the Europeans do it, drinking at lunch is still a social taboo here in the states. It can read sloppy and come across as putting playing hard before working hard. Of course- there are exceptions to the rule (a glass of champagne to toast an accomplishment or a mutual goal), but generally speaking, leave drinking for happy hour.

Cashman Recommendation: The Hard Rock Café’s Strawberry Basil Lemonade. This delicious, summery beverage gives the margarita a run for its money.
Don’t take our word for it: “The food was tasty, the wait staff was super-personable and the service was fast.” Jeff, Yelp Review.


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