November 2, 2020

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Ray Sheehan

Tapping into the spirit of our company, founded and led by a female entrepreneur, we’ve created a space to showcase the work of fellow entrepreneurs we admire and pass along some inspirational words from them. Our next feature is with longtime agency friend and colleague Ray Sheehan, Managing Partner, Upcoming Events & Founder, G.I.F.T. Program/Modern Home Show.

First thing’s first, we asked Ray to tell us what’s inspiring him right now:

How everyone around me has responded to the pandemic. Personally I look at my beautiful wife who is an educator, and SHE continues to amaze me every day with her inner strength and ability to never give up on anything Or how our daughter Skylar has adapted to virtual learning.  There were no complaints!  Thankfully, our son Gavin is only 2-years old so he doesn’t quite understand the gravity of the situation, but to see the world through his lens has been an eye popping experience.  From a business perspective, my team has really risen to the occasion.  Many have volunteered their time and energy to help get our business back on track and I will always remember and cherish that.  I look around at all the connections and friends that I have cultivated over the past 30-years and feel truly blessed.  That’s what has been so inspiring to me.  It’s really them who drive me to be a better person, friend, co-worker, son, brother, father and husband.” – Ray Sheehan


Since 2015, Ray Sheehan has been the noteworthy Managing Partner of producing, overseeing and marketing events across North America. During his time as Managing Partner, Ray’s background in strategic planning, marketing, event management and advertising aided in the strategic expansion of the company from one city to over twenty states across North America. 

Prior to his role at, Ray owned and operated, a Philadelphia and South Jersey-based production company and news source. As the owner, Ray oversaw all aspects of the company from talent management to marketing, sponsor acquisition and event production.  During his tenure, Ray cast and produced a nationally syndicated television show on behalf of for 20th Century Fox & The Learning Channel and eventually expanded his production and sales experience into radio.

In addition to his primary job functions, Ray has been recognized as a beacon of the special events industry and an idea innovator in the Philadelphia community. Today, Ray continues to grow and expand, launching two new event production subsidiaries in 2020 in response to the global pandemic, the G.I.F.T Program and Modern Home Show. A Temple University graduate, Ray grew up in South Jersey, NJ and lives in Bucks County, PA.

Ray Sheehan

Ray Sheehan









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