November 30, 2020

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nisha & Seema Sadekar

Tapping into the spirit of our company, founded and led by a female entrepreneur, we’ve created a space to showcase the work of fellow entrepreneurs we admire and pass along some inspirational words from them. Our next feature is with longtime agency friends and clients Nisha & Seema Sadekar, President and Vice President of PGD Global.

First thing’s first, we asked Seema & Nisha to tell us what’s inspiring them right now:

“There is no better inspiration than when you are fueled by someone you love and trust, so it is important to be there for your loved ones.  We push one another and our team to be great every day, no excuses.  Our collective mindset is to keep pushing, believing in one another, be a resource for one another and to stay positive by knowing that what we set our hearts and minds to, we can achieve without a doubt.  We hope that we can inspire other women and everyone who comes across PGD Global, to believe in their dreams.  As well, it is important to enjoy those around you, be an example of strength, and let them know that you love and believe in them too.”


Nisha, the eldest of Sadekar Sister began playing competitive golf at the age of 12.  She attended the IMG Sports Academies, a prestigious sports training boarding school in Bradenton, Florida and went on to be the Captain of the Women’s Golf Team on a full scholarship at the University of Missouri.  

Nisha began her professional golf career on the LPGA, Futures and Canadian Tours for 5 years. Her dedicated junior, amateur, collegiate and professional career gave her an in-depth understanding that there was more to golf than what was being told.  In 2006, Play Golf Designs Inc., (PGD Global) began, and for over a decade the company has made golf more beautiful, diverse and understood.   

Her personal dedication to the growth of PGD Global programs and practices “Bigger Than Golf” and “Project Fairway” have creatively made golf acceptable for women and girls to use golf as a tool for life while developing relationships, business and self. “Golf will teach you who you are with every shot. It is a game that makes you face your fears in the face of self-competition, and you are the only one held accountable.” 

As President & CEO of PGD Global, Nisha’s passionate personality and vision to produce golf entertainment, PGD Global has evolved into one of the most dominant golf event and entertainment businesses in the country.   With over 25 years in competitive, professional and industry golf experience, Nisha is a woman that continues to revolutionize the game with her desire to see a broader and inclusive path for the game.


Seema Sadekar, the youngest of the Sadekar Sisters, is firmly dedicated to making golf more exciting and appealing to the masses through lifestyle, fashion, fitness and entertainment. With the vision to design extraordinary golf and entertainment experiences,

Seema believes in not just making the difference in golf, but creating it. “Throughout my competitive years, I have developed a passion for growing the game for women and young girls in a positive and self-fulfilling way. I want to connect with them and share with them how golf can bring confidence, self-awareness and healthy competition into their lives.”

Seema began her journey in golf at the age 9 and went along with Nisha to attend IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida. Seema competed and practiced on the highest Junior and Amateur levels, earning a full scholarship to the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), once of the most recognized golf programs in the country.

As a rookie on the Canadian & LPGA, Seema won the CN Canadian Tour Money List. After five years of fierce competition and knowledge in the golf world, Seema expanded into designing apparel and accessories while styling men, woman young girls and celebrities that desire to enter the game.

Through “Bigger Than Golf” and “ Project Fairway” Seema says that women need to learn the game of golf backwards, starting from the 19th hole, understanding the lifestyle to build the confidence needed to overcome the barriers that hold most women back playing. Seema’s commitment to closing industry gaps using herself as an example, allows women to take a different approach to learning the game.

Play Golf Designs, Inc. (PGD Global) is the future of golf entertainment meets golf entry. An innovative golf-focused firm, directing and producing luxury events and content for some of the world’s most legendary athletes, brands, entertainers and organizations including Coach Mike Woodson, Julius “Dr. J” Erving, Jalen Rose, The Calvin Peete Foundation, Toyota, Diageo and MGM Resorts International. PGD creates the most innovative golf tournaments and experiences with a focus on elevating and celebrating diversity and inclusion within the game. In 2020 PGD Global announced “Project Fairway”, a movement dedicated to growing the game of golf for young girls and women by connecting them with golf through lifestyle and wellness. PGD Global operates golf-lifestyle events and experiences all around the country, welcoming new golfers and businesses to the game with creativity, purpose and inspiration.

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