September 28, 2020

Entrepreneur Spotlight: DJ Diamond Kuts

Tapping into the spirit of our company, founded and led by a female entrepreneur, we’re creating a space to showcase the work of fellow entrepreneurs we admire and pass along some inspirational words from them. Our next feature is with the one-and-only DJ Diamond Kuts, one of our favorite trailblazing female DJs. 

First thing’s first, we asked DJ Diamond Kuts to tell us about what’s inspiring her right now:

“During this time the main thing that inspires me are my family, friends and extended friends. To get through these tough times where many of us are isolated, Family and friends are what’s needed most.” – DJ Diamond Kuts

The city of Philadelphia is known for producing tenacious personalities surrounded by a sea of (often brutally) honest fans. It’s also the birthplace of DJ turntablism. Naturally, coming up on the decks in Philly is no easy task. But that didn’t stop Tina, known to her fans and listeners as Diamond Kuts from doing just that: she is the first and only female mixer to have a slot on Philly radio. She has had the honor of DJing numerous times for President Barack Obama. Toured with Nicki Minaj and has appeared as well as worked for numerous tv networks and shows like MTV, BET, Good Morning America and more. Diamond has been featured on world wide promo campaigns for NYX cosmetics and produced for chart-hitting artists such as Nicki Minaj, produced music for Disney Records and more.

She continues to be a bright beacon for women, and a proven tastemaker with a progressive ear having discovered artists like Lil Uzi Vert before his rise to international fame. Diamond Kuts father was legendary Philly MC and hip-hop pioneer Grand Tone, who was a member of the Korner Boyz. When asked about her career as a female DJ, she simply replies, “I want to be a good DJ, period. A lot of female DJs are satisfied just with being called a female DJ but, I want to do the same things the guys are doing. I want syndication. I don’t want to be a local DJ; I’m willing to learn what I have to do to get out of the city and be bigger than that.” DJ Diamond Kuts wants to take the world by storm and that is exactly what she is going to do!

DJ Diamond Kuts





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