January 8, 2021

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Cheldin Barlatt Rumor

C&A was founded by and is led by a female entrepreneur, and to celebrate that we’ve created a space to showcase the work of fellow entrepreneurs we admire and pass along some inspirational words from them. Our next feature is with longtime agency friend and colleague Cheldin Barlatt Rumor, CEO of i-g creative and Executive Producer of THIS IS IT NETWORK

What’s inspiring Cheldin right now:
“I am inspired by the power of community. I am inspired by what we are all capable of when we work together to achieve a common goal or objective. This past year has been difficult for so many of us but I have also seen communities come together, families reconnect and business pivot in hopes of moving forward in a positive and productive way.” 

CEO of i-g creative and Executive Producer of THIS IS IT NETWORK

Cheldin Barlatt Rumor

THIS IS IT NETWORK is a global, female and minority-owned digital TV network. Their inclusive, diverse and engaging content consists of online TV programs and lifestyle blogs that are written and hosted by an array of captivating personalities and professionals. Their signature program, This is it with Cheldin, hosted by CEO and Executive Producer, Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, is a daily, digital, talk show that airs Monday through Friday and showcases industry leaders and innovative entrepreneurs.

WATCH: www.thisisit.tv
LEARN MORE: https://thisisittv.com

Cheldin’s Why:

I am an immigrant (Sierra Leone, West Africa), I am a mother (Sydney Rachel age 8 and Chase Rogers age 2), I am a former Division I Athlete (Field Hockey and Track and Field – La Salle University, Philadelphia), I am an Adjunct Professor (Temple University, Philadelphia – Personal Branding). I am an relentless entrepreneur with a passion to connect remarkable women to inspiring stories.

In 2009, I created a digital agency (i-g creative) here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that aided small business owners – primarily women – with social media campaigns, publicity, graphic design and web development. In early 2013, I was conducting mock publicity interviews with one of my “shyest” clients. She was extremely nervous about going on a local morning show and I was committed to helping her FIND HER VOICE. Often times the most talented people have the hardest time sharing their stories and therefore promoting their businesses. 

I have always been an extrovert so speaking in public – with confidence – has always come easy to me. Watching my talented client struggle and frankly “whisper” about her passion and therefore business sparked an idea that soon would become my mission. SCREAM YOUR DREAM. 

At that moment, I determined that my life’s goal would be to help talented professionals to no longer whispering their wishes but to SCREAM THEIR DREAMS! On that day, THIS IS IT TV was born. I began producing my daily digital talk show that provides small business owners, industry leaders and brand influencers with a fun online platform to “comfortably” promote their businesses, products and services while sharing lifestyle news and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Building this self-funded platform and online community has been difficult and has required endless dedication, countless sacrifices and unshakable grit. I believe that there is a strong need for a digital outlet that authentically shares the entrepreneurial journey of these extremely hard working and brave individuals.

After interviewing over 700 professionals, I received requests from dozens of guests asking me to assist them in producing independent digital programs, instructional courses and engaging promotions; that support their individual businesses and personal brands. I jumped at the opportunity to help these gutsy women in sharing their unique talents with their growing communities. 


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