October 3, 2018

The News We Use

Here at Cashman and Associates, our ability to craft timely, relevant news angles, pitches, and thought leadership opportunities for our clients means consistently having a thumb on the pulse of what’s trending. From hard-hitting journalism covering current events, to the year’s Pantone colors, and everything in between, we rely on industry news sources to keep us up-to-date. See below for some of our favorite places to get caught up and what we’re learning.

Nicole Cashman:
I love Vanity Fair’s daily newsletter. It keeps me up to date on politics, pop culture and current events. It provides witty commentary and diverse points of view. 

Nora Kenney:
I like Bizbash because it is a news outlet for all things events including trends, inspiration, ideas and venues.

Megan Renner:
I enjoy tuning in to the podcast ‘Marketing School’ or reading through SocialMediaToday.com. These outlets are easy to digest and help me keep up-to-date on the latest social media trends.

Allie Seifert:
I’m a big fan of the Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today newsletter covering marketing and media news. It gives a well-rounded real-time look into some of the do’s and don’ts of marketing from companies across the world, so it gives great perspective into industry trends and best practices.

Shana Saddic:
BizBash is a great resource to read for creative event ideas, brand collaborations and trends in the industry with digestible content.

Michelle Conron:
I’m a big fan of SmartBrief. I subscribe to several of their newsletters and I always love the diversity, relevance, and recency of their content.

Olivia Gracey:
My favorite newsletter is Allure Magazine’s daily newsletter. It keeps me up to date daily on beauty tips, tricks and news in the beauty industry each morning.

Laura Miller:
The Washington Post’s “First Reads” is my favorite morning newsletter that links to some great in-depth and thought-provoking coverage across a variety of topics ranging from current events to politics to lifestyle.

Deepika Subbiah:
The Skimm. I Love that it is delivered to my inbox every morning and I can easily scroll it on my way to work or while getting ready in the morning. They take hot topics and breaking news and make it digestible!

Jill Asher:
I go to Business of Fashion.  Their daily roundup of fashion industry news is informative and inspirational.

Sofia Pignitor:
I read the Skift daily newsletter. It keeps me informed on important changes, trends and creative endeavors within the hospitality industry.

Elizabeth Mirra:
FSR Magazine – it covers food industry news from a variety of angles, from national restaurant news to food trends to industry research and beyond.

Alyssa Bonventure:
The Skimm – This daily e-newsletter delivers the highlights of every news topic (from politics, to business & financial, to entertainment & celebrity gossip and more) in one concise e-mail that I can read each morning on my way to work. The facts are reported with a playful opinionated twist, which I like because it keeps the heavier topics lighthearted. If I want to read about any one topic further, The Skimm links each news headline to a reliable article.   

Alex Coll:
BuzzfeedNews is my favorite one-stop-scroll for all things current events – from politics to pop culture. With the recent rebrand and launch of BuzzfeedNews.com, I can skim top stories in real-time on a global scale, where reports of natural disasters and award-winning medical advances sit next to celebrity scandals. As a creative, I’m drawn to Buzzfeed’s visual aesthetic which uses sleek design, impactful imagery, and in-depth illustrated infographics to supplement its content.

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