March 5, 2014

Paris Fashion Week Chic: Taking a Step with Julia Haart

Julia Haart debuted her brand’s premier footwear collection this week at Paris Fashion Week showcasing Autumn/Winter 2014 designs. The collection marries avant-garde luxury with forward thinking intellect. The line includes over 30 unparalleled, hand-made styles that draw inspiration from both the worlds of architecture and art.

Haart’s brand is deeply rooted in her own passion, expertise and exceptional understanding of fine art, philosophy and fashion. The end-result of her work surpasses classification and conveys an evolution of wearable fine art. There is clear analysis and interpretation of architecture and art in Haart’s shoes. For instance, she uses unexpected materials such as natural marble, granite, manta ray leather, wood, and Swarovski in many of her creations. When asked about the inspiration and creative process behind her debut collection, Haart commented, “The idea behind this first collection was to create interactive, wearable art that encompasses both sensuality and luxury. The collection combines an array of elements that at first appear to be seemingly incongruous, but transform into an extraordinary design that is not only all-original, lively and striking, but also unmistakably feminine.”

Julia Haart’s launch event was held at the stunning Shangri-La hotel in Paris’s 16th arrondissement with the perfectly lit Eiffel Tower in the background. The party attracted some the most coveted icons in the fashion industry including Harper Bazaar’s Global Fashion Director and Parisian style legend, Carine Roitfeld, and highly regarded trend tastemaker and adored fashionista, Olivia Palermo. The room buzzed with admiration of Haart’s striking ornamentations including heels structured with gold coins and pairs that were enhanced and brightened by Swarovski crystals.

The epic evening closed with an intimate performance by renowned artist Aloe Blacc. The energy was brilliant, champagne flowing and fashionistas dropped their strict fashion faces long enough to laugh and dance the night away by signing along to ‘I Need A Dollar.’ Funny thing about that anthem – no one in that room had a shortage of dollars.

Join us in reminiscing a fabulous and fancy weekend in Paris – and toasting the progressive, modern, glamorous and provocative designs of Julia Haart. Cheers!

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