May 31, 2019

Our Favorite Summer Foods


The summer season is so close, we can taste it! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and people everywhere are enjoying their favorite flavor fix al fresco. With so many places to go and foods to devour, C&A is dishing up the scoop on our favorite seasonal eats. From decadent munchies to delectable meals, keep scrolling for our favorite savory and sweet summer treats.

Nicole Cashman: The New England Lobster Rolls from Easton’s Beach Snack Bar in Newport, RI served on a wooden deck overlooking the ocean is a favorite of mine.

Michelle Conron: I’m a winter gal so anything cold is my go-to for summer; chilled champagne (well, that’s a year-round favorite), Rita’s vanilla water ice or cherry-vanilla gelati.

Alyssa Bonventure: Nothing screams summer to me more than crispy, Old-Bay seasoned french fries on the beach at Ventura’s Greenhouse in Margate, NJ. I’ve been munching on this post-beach snack since I was a little girl.

Megan Renner: My favorite summer treat is at Tom Wahl’s. Why? Because burgers, fries, and milkshakes 😍. Growing up and going to school only minutes away makes this one of my favorite food stops – especially in the summer when I’m home and can pay a visit!

Liz Mirra: Kohr’s custard is a favorite of mine, specifically at the boardwalk at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ – where my cousins and I have trekked a half mile by foot from the family shore house for a creamy, cool dessert on warm nights. A vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles is a classic, but pros know to get the orange twist!

Alex Coll: I make a non-negotiable pit-stop at The Land at Hillside Farms every time I visit my family’s mountain house in Dushore, PA. Made with only cane sugar, egg, and the freshest milk and cream from local cows, Hillside Farms’ decadent milkshakes are what my indulgent dreams are made of.


Allie Seifert: Since I was little, my favorite summer treat has always been a Rita’s Gelati! I don’t indulge as frequently these days, but when the craving hits, or it’s a perfect hot, sunny day,  it’s hard to refuse 😊.

Olivia Gracey: I have grown up going down the shore every summer and my must-have food item is an everything bagel breakfast sandwich from Avalon Coffee! The bagels are made fresh every day and if you get there around 7:30 am they are still steaming hot from the ovens 🥯.

Jen McCullough: I always pay a visit to  Kohler’s Bakery in Avalon NJ and order a Kohler’s Cream Donut 🍩, a small sweet treat- packed with buttercream frosting in the middle.

Sabina Evans: I always love some good ol’ watermelon on a summer day 🍉. It is so refreshing and such an easy fruit to find, I have to give a shout out to Trade Joe’s who alway seems to have an ample amount in stock.


Shana Saddic: If you know me then you know I love very sweet treats! My go-to summertime treat is water ice from Rita’s and my favorite flavor is blueberry and cherry. It’s been a childhood favorite since I can remember when my family and I would indulge in our gelatis while sitting in the parking lot on top of our jeep on a hot, summer day.

Nora Kenney: I have a family shore house in Wildwood, NJ and when I am in the need for something sweet, Lizzy’s Ice Cream Parlor is my go-to spot. Lizzy’s fro-yo raspberry chocolate chip is a sweet little hidden treasure of the jersey shore, trust me.

Kerri Del Collo: Whenever I head to or from the shore, I have to stop at Rosie’s Farm Market in Mullica Hill for the fresh pies. They’re so delicious I usually end up buying at least four to share with family and friends because I can’t choose between all of the amazing flavors like blackberry, berry medley, apple, peach- the list goes on!

Sofia Pignitor: Running to catch the Mister Softee Truck is my personal sport in the summer🍦. It’s worth the chase for a Choco Taco! 


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