February 4, 2019

Aphrodisiac Cocktails Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

In honor of the holiday of love, we spoke with bartenders from 7 restaurants about their favorite Aphrodisiac Cocktails. From centuries-old herbal blends to everyday ingredients found in your house, aphrodisiacs have long been touted as remedies for a lackluster love life. Read below for drinks to help light the fire this Valentine’s Day.

Cause a Stir | Stir at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

This cocktail is called “Cause a Stir” and is made with Ginger Liqueur, Sparkling Wine, Pomegranate Juice and Pomegranate Arils. The Pomegranate is known as one of the oldest aphrodisiacs due to its high level of antioxidants, increasing blood flow and relaxing the nervous system

“Pomegranate is the culinary symbol of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, because she planted and harvested pomegranates. In fact, though it’s widely believed to be an apple, the forbidden fruit in the bible was actually a pomegranate. In the “Cause a Stir”, fresh pomegranate mixed with the bubbles from the sparkling wine create the perfect light cocktail.”

– Mark Tropea, Executive Chef


Philly 75 | Chez Ben

The Philly 75 is made with locally distilled Bluecoat Gin, fresh lemon juice, Honey and Saint Ben’s Wit or witout

“The Philly 75 combines two classic aphrodisiacs – citrus and honey – and creates a delicious cocktail that – like love – can be both sweet and bitter.”

– Rachel Kovenetsky, Chez Ben Beverage Manager



The Palermo Old Fashioned | Scarpetta Philadelphia

The Palermo Old Fashioned from Scarpetta is made with Bulliet Rye, Nonino Amaro and Vanilla Bean, leaving imbibers with a calming, vulnerable effect on both the mind and the body.

“Our modern take on the original cocktail includes a dash of Vanilla Bean, a known aphrodisiac given its intoxicating, warm, sensual smell and lingering flavor. Recognized by the hypothalamus part of the brain that controls our emotions, vanilla stimulates feelings of security, nurturing and relaxation – perfect to help your loved one fall deeper in love with you”

– Bart Riley, Beverage Director


Smooth Landing | Fishtown Brewpub

The Smooth landing mixes together Single Prop Rum, Grand Marnier, Ginger, Blood Orange, and Maple Shrub, and finishes with a house brewed IPA.

“With a hint of ginger, The Smooth Landing has the aphrodisiac qualities to increase circulation to the hands, feet and more. The ginger herb is known to affect the central nervous system, ultimately altering our hormones and improving libido. The addition of Single Prop rum to the cocktail, a premium rum cut with coconut water, brings a smooth, subtle warmth to the cocktail, setting you and your partner up for a cozy, yet arousing night.”

– Heather Pietropaula, Bar Manager


Island Punch | Continental Atlantic City

Island Punch is crafted with Parce 3 year, Bacardi, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Allspice and Cinnamon

“Continental Atlantic City’s new Island Punch cocktail is created with the aphrodisiac ingredient, cinnamon. Cinnamon is known for heating up the body and contains various antioxidant properties. This spicy, yet fruity flavor packs a punch for a cinn-fully delicious drink.”

– Angela Dellorco, Beverage Manager at Continental and Buddakan Atlantic City




Barclay Prime Signature Negroni | Barclay Prime

The signature Negroni is created with Monkey 47 Gin, Salers Gentiane Aperitif and Red Wine Cordial

“The beauty of the Classic Negroni is its versatility to reinvent itself.  Equal parts bitter, sweet and intoxicating, symbolic of even the most romantic relationship.  The Monkey 47 Gin, with its citrus notes, combined with the molasses sweetness of an artisanal aperitif from France and layered with aromatic spices and flowers from our house made Red Wine Cordial, all lend to the body and flushes it with a rosy red color.  All of the ingredients work together to provide a balanced complementary and harmonious cocktail like the perfect Valentine’s day romance. Red wine is also a powerful antioxidant and helps decrease inflammation and gets the blood pumping.”

– Alenrry Iniguez, Barclay Prime Bartender


Frozen Margarita | Distrito

“This frozen classic will have you heating up in no time. Agave, the plant from which tequila is distilled, is an ancient ingredient known for its relaxing effects and also the reason why tequila drinks have the stereotype of being salacious. The added lime stimulates the senses as citrus is known to invigorate libido.”

– Distrito Bar Manager











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