December 1, 2014

6 Things We Learned About Rocking An Internship at Cashman & Associates

As the semester comes to an end, we sadly have to say farewell to our best interns to date. Throughout the semester, they had the chance to attend various industry events, work and (act) on live on-air segments, produce work for their own clients, and even style fashion shoots. We got them together one last time.

Jessica: If you happen to get the great opportunity of following the photographer, remember to write the photo captions down from left to right! (You’ll thank me later.) Investing in a good notebook is key: from writing down assignments to having it on hand when inspiration hits for a project.

Gabby: Always be willing to go the extra mile. Whether its asking other associates if they need anything done, or fulfilling tasks that go outside your day-to-day duties. People notice! Also, dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Professionalism is key. You never know when you’ll be asked to be on air, so come to work camera ready!

Emma: Learning how to use the printer/scanner is essential, and you will only be taught once so you need to listen close. You don’t want to ask too many questions, because using something like a printer should be pretty easy and you don’t want to seem incompetent. My first day I was asked to scan an article, and was completely baffled. My advice is to always ask a fellow intern for help before asking an executive because some of the other interns might have taken more notes. So always make sure you take detailed notes!

Sara: My time as an intern at Cashman & Associates has taught me a lot.  My advice would be to get involved in as many projects as possible.  Always volunteer to do events because you never know who you’ll meet and you get a behind-the-scenes look at all the amazing hard work that goes into event organization.  Listen and observe your direct report, you will learn a lot from their expertise.  Dress the part and be outgoing!

Tara: Be open to trying new things, especially if that new thing is a chance to participate in an on-air segment. You never know, live television could be your thing! (And if not, it’s still a really fun experience!) Most importantly, you get out of the experience what you put into it. So work hard and make the most of your time everyday, there’s a lot to learn here.

Victoria: Never think any task is too small or trivial. Whatever it may be, always give it your best effort because every piece of work is important to the functioning and maintenance of the office overall. It was these little tasks that helped me learn to be more organized and detail-oriented!

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