December 5, 2019

C&A’s 10-Year Time Capsule

As we close a monumental decade, C&A sat down to think about what we would include in our 10-year time capsule. So many moments, milestones, and memories have come out of the 2010’s that we’d love to share with future generations. Read on to learn more about some of the serious, silly, and sensational finds for future humans to enjoy.

Bookworms – Peruse some major Philadelphia publications
What better way to let the future know about what was happening in Philadelphia in the 2010’s than printed proof? Publications like Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Style Magazine, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and more would DEFINITELY be included in our capsule (bookended with our favorite stories, of course!) Not only are these outlets great insight into our current (and past) lives, but they’re also a great overview of what C&A’s clients were up to.

Tech Geeks – Today’s technology was heightened with the Apple iPhone 11
With the speed at which modern technology is evolving, we’d want to include one of Apple’s most recent inventions – the iPhone 11 – to gauge the reactions of future tech lovers (who will probably be texting on their iPhone 20s). We know that for us, it’s comical to look back about a decade and recall how impressed everyone was with the iPhone 4, which was the first model with Retina Display and FaceTime functions. Although the iPhone 11 is the latest and greatest, we have a feeling that in 10 years it’s going to become as irrelevant as a flip phone.

Philly Foodies of the Future – Rejoice with a fast-food chicken sandwich that broke the internet
We predict Philly’s food scene is, and always will be, industry-leading. That won’t stop us, however, from adding one of the nation’s hottest (and possibly silliest) food topics into our 10-year capsule – the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. Between Popeyes, KFC, and Chick-fil-a, the debate over who prepares the best sandwich is one that took our decade by storm. If we could preserve the perfect Popeyes sandwich for future generations, we sure would.

Keeping with the food & beverage theme, one of the next best industry phenomena to come out of this decade was the Whiteclaw obsession. Where will this hard seltzer trend be in 10 years? We’re throwing in a variety pack so we can find out.

Future Fashionistas – Try this one on for size
Fashion is ever evolving, but inevitably what was once “in” seems to always resurface in some way or another. Our decade watched as the 1999 fanny pack made a STRONG comeback in 2019 – going beyond a belted bag and becoming a must-have accessory. We’d toss one into the time capsule for good measure and watch with wonder…..can they make ANOTHER comeback in 2039?!

Social Media Savants – What has you scrolling?  
Social media has grown significantly over the past decade. With the rise of online dating apps and short video platforms like Tik Tok, there’s no telling what the future of social media will hold. We’d capture some examples of the current climate for future viewers to reflect on and understand how far the industry has come. 

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