June 7, 2017

C&A Summer Survival Guide

Summer is nearly here and to celebrate we’ve rounded up tips and tricks for everything from entertaining, travel, and wellness from our agency lifestyle experts.

Party Host (Nicole): When guests come over on a hot day, they are always wowed by my quick and easy fruit salad. I add an extra treat with Trader Joe’s frozen, chocolate covered bananas.

Summer Grilling (Shana): I asked Barclay Prime’s Executive Chef, Mark Twersky, how to unleash your inner grill-master. The key? Freeze your steak prior to grilling so that it can heat slowly and retain its juicy texture without overcooking. Twersky also warns against piercing meat with your fork or prongs, as it will cause all the juices to escape making your meat dry and less flavorful.

Summer Cocktails (Alyssa): Inspired by Italian drinking culture, the Aperol Spritz is the perfect low-proof cocktail to serve at your summer soiree. Made with three simple ingredients – Aperol, Prosecco and soda water – the cocktail is quick & simple to make and, with only three ingredients, won’t burn a hole in your wallet when stocking up at the liquor store. My favorite part? Mix & match these three ingredients to offer your guests three different drink options – the Aperol Spritz, an Aperol Soda (Aperol + soda water) or a simple glass of bubbly.

Décor (Jill): Fresh flowers are key for summer entertaining décor. I always recommend going with sun flowers, they are durable, long-lasting, inexpensive and bring a pop of color into your space. If you aren’t as confident in your florist skills, the experts at Evantine Design Boutique provide fresh, beautiful arrangements for any occasion. 

Summer Playlist (Sofia a.k.a DJ SoPhilly): The quickest way to get into a sunny and carefree mindset is with a killer playlist. I’ve compiled a list of songs to carry you through all the tides between now and Labor Day. Some tracks are ambient, some tracks are upbeat, and some tracks require the windows all the way down.

Photography (Michelle): Lighting and angles are key. Natural light is always best and challenging yourself to view your subject from a variety of angles will help you bring your shots to the next level and add intrigue.

Down the Shore (Melanie): I love to bring a beach chair or blanket to Atlantic City and watch fireworks from the beach at Tropicana all summer long. Pro Tip: Make a weekend of it and book a room in the newly renovated Havana Tower, have dinner at one of Jose Garces’ new restaurants Okatshe or Olón, followed by dancing at Boogie Nights!

“Unplugged” Summer Activities (Laura): Decompress and disconnect with activities that get you outdoors and enjoying the good life.  For a weekend getaway, try camping on Assateague Island – where the wild horses roam. Round up a group of friends or make it a fun adventure with your favorite person. Another fun option is to embark on a day trip winery hopping. Put the windows (or rooftop) down and enjoy tasting flights and tours at the many wineries around the area – from Bucks County to Montgomery County, there are tons of options. Buckingham Valley Winery has beautiful vineyards and outdoor benches to enjoy a few bottles of wine and cheese. Remember to bring a DD! 

Staycation in Philly (Allie): Trust me, you don’t need to leave Philadelphia to try something new. Discover your own backyard by enjoying a staycation. This summer, AKA Rittenhouse Square will be offering a “Picnic in the Park” package which includes a stay in one of their luxury suites, free parking and a specialty picnic basket for two filled with gourmet food from the award-winning a.kitchen+bar to be enjoyed in historic Rittenhouse Square.

Skincare (Olivia): We all want that summer glow, but using quality, protective products is essential to help your skin retain moisture and battle against free radicals. Pro tip: C&A staffers are obsessed with 3000BC WellMed Spa’s Tinted Perfection—it offers lightweight coverage, all-day moisture, and SPF 50+. For fair skin types, apply their Sun Shield Physical before the Tinted Perfection for extra SPF coverage.

Fitness (Alex): I love HIITing the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk for an outdoor sweat session. With temperatures rising, my favorite way to beat the summer heat is adding essential oils into my fitness routine. Pre-workout, dab a few drops of peppermint on your temples and the back of your neck for a cooling effect that opens your nasal passages, allowing you to breathe a little easier when the air is humid. Spritz a damp towel with eucalyptus and place it into your freezer for an invigorating post workout cool down.


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