May 2, 2019

Influencer Marketing Case Study: Single Prop Rum

In celebration of Earth Day and World Ocean’s Day, respectively, Single Prop Rum seeded sustainability-focused creative deliveries to 20+ digital influencers and traditional media within the Pennsylvania, New York and Florida markets to tell the brand’s story, curate original content surrounding Single Prop Rum’s eco-friendly drinking initiatives, and boost product sales.

C&A carefully selected bloggers who’s values mirrored Single Prop Rum core pillars: sustainability, travel and adventure. Influencers shared their journey with Single Prop Rum around the globe, including during trip to Bali, Bora Bora and the coast of Florida.

C&A assisted Single Prop Rum in securing 31 social media posts, resulting in 1.1 million+ impressions 33.8K engagements. During the month of World Ocean’s Day, Single Prop saw their highest ever engagement rates and Instagram channel page reach, and their average daily Instagram impressions increased 29.22%.

Single Prop was able to maintain the rights to all influencer content taken, providing a new bank of UGC content for Single Prop Rum to utilize and share on their own pages indefinitely.

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