May 5, 2020

Public Relations Case Study: Garces

Following news of Garces Group’s financial hardships, the brand and its restaurants experienced  breaches in consumer loyalty and credibility. Garces hired Cashman & Associates to strategize and execute a public relations and marketing plan that put Jose Garces, Garces Restaurants and Garces Events on the forefront of the culinary community and helped to reestablish itself as a reputable brand. 

C&A executed a communication strategy to effectively and successfully lay the foundation of positive publicity by promoting the “new” Garces story through strategic media, community & civic engagements, partnerships, and authentic storytelling that ultimately shifted focus away from the bankruptcy and elevated public perception.

In additional to successfully opening new restaurant, Stella, and further communicating the strength of the company, C&A developed thoughtful tactics and promoted milestones and happenings for the entire restaurant group that resulted in significant press placements and customer awareness. C&A simultaneously executed on a community visibility strategy through notable partnerships and collaborative opportunities in the region and further positioned Jose Garces as a leader in the culinary industry through high-quality media exposure, speaking opportunities and appearances.

C&A secured 250+ press placements and 450+ million impressions through earned media coverage in addition to 30+ prominent local and national partnerships with organizations, media outlets and events.

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