November 22, 2019

Ask The Associate – Jill Asher

Ask the Associate is a monthly series that highlights Cashman & Associates PR, marketing and communications experts to give a glimpse into the lives of the team behind Philadelphia’s leading lifestyle agency.

As the Director of Integrated Marketing, Jill Asher seamlessly weaves each unique piece of the marketing mix into our clients’ strategy to create unified campaigns that drive brand awareness through a variety of channels – from media relations to special events to unique brand activations. Jill also spearheads Cashman & Associates’ culture team, organizing the agency’s quarterly group outings, special holiday celebrations and weekly Friday “Power Hours”. What is she working on now, you ask? Read more to find out!

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
We have so many cool projects right now – it is hard to pick just one! We’ve been working with a few health and wellness brands entering the Philadelphia market, such as Heyday, a one-stop skincare shop for customized facials, and Barry’s, a globally-recognized boutique fitness studio, which have been very exciting! I have a personal passion for these industries, so it is always nice when we get to marry our passions with our profession.

Where is your next travel destination?
Charleston, South Carolina (for my bachelorette!)

What’s your favorite thing about Philadelphia?
I love the energy and personality of the city. There is so much development and growth happening in Philly right now, it is just a very exciting place to be. I cannot complain about our current food scene either!

What about you makes you good at your job?
I would say my dedication is something that makes me good at my job. I am very passionate about our clients and the work that we do for them.

You’re getting married—as someone who has event planning experience, how easy—or challenging—has it been to plan? Was there anything you didn’t expect?
I think it is easier in some respects because I’m organized and know what is really important, but it is certainly still challenging to make so many decisions. I’m trying to just enjoy every minute!!

What’s your go-to fitness class in the city right now? (excluding clients 😉)
With temperatures dropping outside, I love the hot yoga sculpt class at CorePowerYoga (when I can actually make it through the class, that is …)

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