October 21, 2019

Ask The Associate – Allie Seifert Hellhake

Ask the Associate is a monthly series that highlights Cashman & Associates PR, marketing and communications experts to give a glimpse into the lives of the team behind Philadelphia’s leading lifestyle agency. 

Allie Seifert is C&A’s Director of Public Relations, responsible for developing and executing client strategies and overseeing the agency’s PR initiatives. Allie’s PR career has spanned every major industry from healthcare technology to corporate & residential real estate to food & beverage. Keep reading for a glimpse into what she’s up to inside and outside of the office, including Super Bowl travels and exploring the region’s parks and trails.

What’s the craziest food you’ve ever tried?
I will eat anything anyone puts in front of me – whether a dare, a challenge, or just because, I’m always open to a new experience – try me! Some of the craziest include:

  • Carolina Reaper – one of the hottest peppers in the world, which I also happen to grow in my backyard 
  • A pig’s tongue – this one was a dare, and I won’t be doing it again!
  • Kangaroo burger
  • Sea urchin

Outside of C&A, what is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?
Buying a house a few years ago at age 26! My now-husband and I planned and saved so we could purchase a home in Chester County, where we grew up, and close to all our friends and family. It’s been such a great experience. We’ve given our energetic dog Jackson a yard to play, become the main hangout spot for Football Sundays, and have taken on numerous home renovation projects including painting almost every room and redoing all the flooring on the main floor. We love our home and look forward to continuing to make it our own.

Also, getting married this past June! It has definitely been the greatest life moment for me – and continues to be every day!

If you could pick one super power, what would it be?
To fly. I’ve always loved traveling, exploring, and going on adventures, so flying would allow me the opportunity to travel freely (without limitations, and also without cost!)

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
I recently completed work with Hunt Auctions in which we executed a large-scale campaign surrounding a partnership with NFL Auctions at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, followed by one of the most significant auctions in sports memorabilia history – unveiling the private collection of Babe Ruth in tandem with his family and the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. The centerpiece of the collection – a professional model Babe Ruth jersey- set a world record, selling for over $5.6 million. Between the Super Bowl and the Babe Ruth Auction event, we secured over 550 national press features in top-tier media outlets.

Right now, I’ve been working with Brandywine Realty Trust to aid in the development and execution of the marketing strategy for their master vision in University City, and how the plans for projects like Schuylkill Yards, Cira Green, and more will transform the neighborhood and reinvent the city of Philadelphia.

What’s your favorite thing about Philadelphia?
Philly is a city of openness and opportunity. It’s a cool, edgy city that has recently emerged from the shadows of larger cities like New York and Washington, D.C. and stands strong as one of the most exciting, eclectic cities – always offering new and creative things for lifelong residents and millennial transplants alike. With the recent national attention from our growing culinary scene, to the groundbreaking new developments, Eagles Super Bowl win (Woo!!), and so much more, Philly has embraced that underdog spirit and is elevating itself to new heights. It’s so exciting, not only to watch, but to work with the companies who are making it happen and be part sharing the narrative nationally.

How do you relax after the end of a long day or week?
After a long day I love to sit outside on my back patio with a glass of wine. After a long week, I love to go kayaking or hiking– anything outdoors.

What about you makes you good at your job?
I have an insatiable passion and drive for what I do. I love to learn and to take on new challenges, research new methodologies and tactics to develop strategic, integrated campaigns that make a difference for clients – not only in generating awareness, but also helping to achieve meaningful business goals. I also love working with people, especially when they are equally as passionate at what they do and being able to share their stories with the world!

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