August 3, 2018

C&A Summer Interns 2018

Every year, Cashman & Associates has the pleasure of bringing on a new team of summer interns. The C&A team takes pride in providing hands-on experience to our college and post-graduate interns, as well as providing weekly Q&A sessions for interns to learn about public relations, social media, special events and graphic design from the associates first-hand. From events like Ball on the Square and Wawa Welcome America, to assisting with segments, media dinners, Insta-meets and more, read below for what our 13 amazing summer interns have been up to this year.

Haley Fogarty – Drexel University
Public Relations Intern
“Going into this internship, I didn’t know what to expect being that this was my very first of three co-ops that I will have throughout my 5 years at Drexel. Cashman & Associates has taught me so much about the industry and work life in general that I’m tremendously grateful for. The most memorable part of my time here has been working closely with clients and tagging along in meetings, photoshoots, and special events. Gaining connections and relationships in this industry is something I will take with me beyond my internship here at C&A.”

 Perri Rabinowitz – Indiana University
Social Media Intern
“My favorite event was Ball on the Square, I thought this set up was beyond unique and put together in an extravagant manner. Everyone seemed to be having the best time. One day I hope to help host events and this internship led me in the right direction of doing so. I also got to spend time meeting all of Cashman’s associates, and I believe Cashman did a great job running their intern program. I am very thankful for this experience and I have learned a ton.” 

Jessica Skylar – Temple University
Public Relations Intern
“My favorite memory from my summer interning at C&A has been learning so much about what goes on behind the scenes at a PR agency. C&A represents so many different brands that I love, so it’s been interesting to see what goes into making a company or brand well known. I also had the chance to work events like the LOVE Park ‘Party in the Park’ and Ball on the Square, which taught me a lot about running successful events and what goes on behind the scenes.”

Vanessa Augello – Penn State University
Public Relations and Social Media Intern
“Summer of 2018 has certainly been one I will remember forever. Starting my journey in the business world at Cashman & Associates has been incredible. My favorite aspect of interning at C&A has been all the prestigious events I had the opportunity to work. Between the LOVE Park ‘Party in the Park’ event, Ball on the Square, Modern Luxury Philadelphia Magazine Launch, and Best of Style, I simply cannot pick a favorite! I also enjoyed putting together segments for CBS3 and FOX29 with Olivia. Being able to see what happens behind the scenes and learn how events are executed has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. I will carry the knowledge I gained in a few shorts months with me throughout my life. I am forever thankful for these opportunities and to be able to work with the amazing C&A team.” 

Grace Rosenblatt – Saint Joseph’s University
Public Relations Intern
“My favorite summer memory while working at Cashman would have to be the Best of Style event. I loved seeing the behind the scenes set up of the event and how creative everyone got with this year’s theme. This event featured all different representations of Philly together under one roof. I also enjoyed helping on this event because I was able to see how much effort is needed to organize such a big production and what goes into making it a success.”

Taylor Goldstein – Arizona State University
Public Relations Intern
“My favorite memory from my time at C&A was actually my first day at the office. The first thing I got to do was to go to Porta, a restaurant participating in Center City District Sips, and watch Alex Holley do a segment for FOX 29 about the restaurant’s cocktails. I had no idea what to expect my first day, but I never would have imagined that I would be behind the scenes of a news station that I watch at home. C&A let me experience so many opportunities that I would never have been able to do if it weren’t for this internship and for that I am grateful.”

Zoe Ramos – George Washington University
Graphic Design Intern
“As a branding and graphic design intern at C&A, I assisted in designing ad campaigns, logo concepting, and a full branding suite, etc. for select clients. I then was able to see everything I helped to design being used at an event. It was so cool to see the project progress from start to finish.”

Gabby Proietti – Saint Joseph’s University
Public Relations Intern
“There have been so many projects, events, and experiences with C&A throughout this summer, making it hard to narrow down my list of my favorite summer memory here at 232 N 2nd Street.  However, if I had to choose, I would pick working the Best of Style event.  I loved being a part of this annual, luxurious event that brings together those who best represent Philadelphia.” 

Lauren Baumholtz – Drexel University
Public Relations Intern
“My time at C&A has truly been amazing. Being welcomed by the entire firm made my internship the most memorable yet. My favorite takeaway from the last 6 months has been the wide variety of events I have gotten the opportunity to attend, especially Wawa Welcome America, on July 4th. Having the chance to experience behind the scenes of a concert was very eye-opening and will help me in my future endeavors.”

Todd Bouchard – Temple University
Social Media Intern
“My favorite project throughout my time at Cashman & Associates was working on the final intern project with the rest of the intern team. Getting input from 11 other people with different educational backgrounds was really inspiring. I also really enjoyed working for my supervisor, Megan. She was very patient and helpful and very knowledgeable!”

Maggie Giannini – James Madison University
Public Relations and Social Media Intern
“Throughout my time at Cashman & Associates I have learned so many things that I can cherish and take with me when I graduate college. Getting to work segments at CBS 3 and FOX 29 have been highlights of the hands-on experience and offered a sense of behind the scenes. Not only getting to work segments but getting to work under fabulous Cashman members has been delightful. A special thanks to Olivia, my supervisor for guiding and supporting me throughout this whole experience. Getting to be a Cashman Intern has been an incredible experience and a highlight of my summer.” 

Mahek Singh – Parsons School of Design
Public Relations Intern
“My fondest memory at C&A has been working on the proposal for Cashman & Associates 20th anniversary party. It has been an incredible learning experience taking the PR & Marketing tools I have learned from Sofia and applying it to a year-long strategy. It was truly a collaborative effort, and an amazing chance to work with other interns from different backgrounds.” 

Rachel Ashdale – Syracuse University
Public Relations Intern
“My favorite part of this summer has been working on the intern project. My group was tasked with celebrating C&A’s 20th anniversary and I have loved planning a PR campaign for it. Working the Wawa Welcome America concert was also amazing, especially getting to see Pitbull live!”

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