August 29, 2018

Ask the Associate: Alex Coll

Alex Coll is C&A’s Senior Graphic Designer and Brand Manager, responsible for developing clients’ creative assets from conception to execution across multiple media platforms. Outside of work, Alex doubles as Instagram sensation and wellness extraordinaire, @Fitlicity! For recipe guides, fitness tips, inspirational quotes and more, check out her blog at

C&A Intern (CAI): What is the coolest thing you’re working on right now?
Alex Coll (AC): The coolest thing I’m working on right now is categorized as confidential, but I can tell you that it allows me to merge my before-and-after hours passion for health and fitness with my nine-to-five passion for visual communications through spearheading branding efforts as part of an integrated marketing tactic for a robust portfolio of wellness initiatives.

CAI: What makes you good at your job?
AC: Like any creative, I’m very personally connected to my work. From the big-picture concepting to the technical details, I’ll explore all of my options until I’m fully satisfied with and proud of the product.

CAI: How do you relax after the end of a long day or week?
AC: It may not happen at the end of the day, but exercise is my therapy. Monday – Friday, I’m out the door at 5 am for my daily WOD (that’s CrossFit lingo for Workout of the Day). It’s my way of getting my head straight before taking to the keyboard and client meetings.

CAI: What’s your favorite thing about Philadelphia?
AC: Our reputation. Say you’re from Philadelphia, and you’re bound to get a reaction. I like to think of us as a diamond in the rough: we’ve got grit and we’ve got pride, some may say we even have a little chip on our shoulder, but we’re also home to some of the most charming neighborhoods, art, and eateries in the world.

CAI: We hear you’re getting married in September. Which part of the wedding are you most excited for? Details about your dress would also be appreciated ….
AC: I can’t believe it’s almost here! I am so excited for every little detail, it’s truly going to be my dream day. I am absolutely most excited to walk down the aisle towards my fiancé Moses, and for the look on his face when he sees me for the first time! My dress is everything I wanted it to be, a little bit romantic, a little bit bohemian, and a little bit modern all wrapped into one – just like me!

CAI: This one’s for Fitlicity: what would we find in your fridge right now?
AC: My fridge is always brimming with seasonal produce. Right now, I’m vibing on kale, collard greens, brussels sprouts, zucchini, and eggplant. Behind all of that, you’ll always find a few (10) dark chocolate bars stashed away.

CAI: Last question. Who is your spirit animal, and what is the first question you would ask if you were given the opportunity to meet him/her for cocktails?AC: 100% Miley Cyrus. Love her or hate her, she’s unapologetically herself. Bold and ever-evolving. If I’m being honest, the first question I’d probably ask her is, “Can we get a selfie?!” I’d follow that with something more hard-hitting, though. In true Miley tradition (she does this every time she meets someone she looks up to), I’d ask her to share with me her favorite book so that I could read it. According to Miley, you learn a lot about a person that way.

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