February 8, 2017

Winter Elixirs

Winter can be harsh on your skin, your diet and even your mood, so we’ve complied some of our favorite seasonal solutions just for you! Check out our tips & tricks for keeping a sound body and mind to have you glowing gracefully into spring.

A C&A tried and true favorite is 3000BC WellMed Spa’s Skin Savior serum which strengthens and nourishes skin with an industry leading stable delivery of a 20% vitamin C complex to protect against the harsh winter weather.

Bar Bombón is a little slice of Old San Juan all year round. From its bright, vibrant decor to its hearty plant-based dishes, Bar Bombón is the ultimate staycation atmosphere. Its floor to ceiling windows and “walk in and take a seat” persona make it the perfect place for tacos at lunch, an intimate dinner, or just a place to catch up with an old friend over a margarita. The perfect meal to beat the winter blues? The newly debuted Winter Squash, made with squash confit with braised collards.

SoulCycle classes are held in candlelit studios, making riders feel like they are partying in a healthy nightclub. The dark, non-intimidating rooms allow riders to lose themselves in the workout. Rides take place to one-of-a-kind playlists with instructors who are inspirational coaches, pushing riders to do their best on and off the bike. Familiar faces in SoulCycle studios include Madonna, Lady Gaga, David and Victoria Beckham and Bradley Cooper. SoulCycle will be opening its first Philadelphia location on March 7th, just in time to ride out the end of the season.

Indulge in any one of Bluestone Lane’s wellness lattes, sure to keep you warm and glowing from the inside out.

–        Golden Latte – Tumeric spice blend served with almond milk

–        Matcha Latte – Ceremony grade Matcha power served with almond milk

–        Beetroot Latte – Beetroot spice blend served with almond milk

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