November 23, 2016

Everything But the Turkey

Having the perfect accompaniments to your Thanksgiving meal is a surefire way to create a memorable experience for you and your guests, and of course, we all want to be the one who brings that perfect dish. So, to ensure everyone is asking for seconds we’ve rounded up recommendations for appetizers, sides and desserts from some of the region’s top chefs and restaurants. 

For the perfect appetizer, Continental Atlantic City Executive Chef Erica Gant creates a Crispy Calamari Salad that you can easily prepare ahead of time with finishing touches of carrots, tomatoes, sprouts & soy-sesame dressing added in the day-of.
Sofitel Philadelphia’s Liberté Lounge reimagines the traditional carrot side dishas a salad. Roasted Carrots are topped with frisee, arugula, marinated olives, artichokes and dried tomatoes – served with honey, basil and goat cheese crostini.
Take a cue from Rittenhouse Square’s Bar Bombón to spice up your traditional croutons by adding avocado and vegan coconut bacon for maximum flavor (and minimum guilt.)


Soup & Side
Warm up your guests with a global spin on your soup inspired by Aqimero at the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia, serving a delicious and creamy roasted corn bisque.
Go all out with your macaroni & cheese like Executive Chef Kristol Bryant from Sonesta Philadelphia Rittenhouse Square. Her mom’s 12 cheese recipe will leave you wondering how you ever survived on one cheese alone all these years. 


For easy to make, French-inspired chocolate bites, ROOT Restaurant & Wine Bar’s recommends homemade Mendiants as the perfect dessert.

Barclay Prime’s pastry chef, Adriana Piper, reinterprets a classic Apple Crumb dessert by creating an Apple Crumb Cheesecake. Vanilla shortbread crust topped with a creamy, vanilla cheesecake with a layer of Granny Smith apple pie filling is a nostalgic twist on your grandmother’s home-made apple pie.  

Chef Andrew Mansciangelo from the Main Line’s SAVONA says his Brown Butter Apple Shortbread is always a crowd pleaser. Made with homemade brown sugar and cinnamon shortbread, filled with brown butter apple filling and then topped with vanilla gelato, this dessert will leave your guests craving more for days to come.

Chef Nelson, Executive Chef at the newly opened Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar in King of Prussia Town Center, cooks up savory sweet potato doughnuts topped with Vanilla sugar and caramel sauce for a shareable treat for his family.
Finally, toast to your evening with Cuba Libre Atlantic City’s House-made Apple-Cranberry Caipirinha Infusion, which is filled to the brim with fall flavors including fresh cranberries and apple cider.


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