September 30, 2014

TAKE 5: September 2014

As communications industry professionals, we are constantly learning and adapting to the ever-changing landscape…challenging ourselves to think creatively, analyze, embrace new platforms and move quickly (we all know, what’s “in” one minute is “out” the next). As an agency, we work to improve our craft each day. With each challenge, there’s a “takeaway”—something that we’ve learned. Sometimes our lessons are realized through first-hand experiences, and other times—we rely on the great universe to teach us these valuable “lessons”. Thus, we’re excited to introduce C&A’s “TAKE 5” monthly blog post series.

Here’s what we learned, or were grateful to have known, in September, 2014:

  • Always have a chef in your back pocket –in the world of PR + events, you must be OK with that fact that unexpected S*** happens! You have to think quickly and roll with the punches (i.e. – when your chef client gets sick the morning of a live FOX segment, it always helps to have a good chef friend to call to fill in!)
  • Think before you tweet – the list of brands that have been victim to epic “tweet fails” goes on for days, but the recent DiGiorno Pizza “#WhyIStayed” debacle was just a friendly “reminder” to us all to think before we #hashtag…  
  • There is always drop-off – planning an event for 50 people? 3,000 people? Remember there is ALWAYS drop off (industry standard is 20%), so invite appropriately if you want a full house!
  • Keep a spare folding table and table cloth in your trunk – September was filled with amazing broadcast segments highlighting countless clients. Sometimes these segments are “off-site” and you NEVER know when you’ll need an extra folding table for a segment prop set up, or a freshly-pressed tablecloth to make that dish pop on TV!
  • You can never be too prepared—when our clients are addressing a crowd of 300 guests, C&A always has extra copies of their talking points (in size 14, or size 16 font depending on their preference) … you never know if your client will “leave their copy” behind at the office.
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